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Monterey Drone aerial video platforms are state-of-the-art UAV/Drones and built for hi-resolution aerial video and aerial photography. Our aerial platforms and pilots will get the shots you need to promote your business, organization, or event. We have the ability to save your production both time and money.

If you want unique, breath-taking, dynamic aerial video and images for your next production or marketing campaign, Monterey Drone can get you what you want. While still being able to deliver shots similar to traditional methods, Monterey Drone can go further to get your shots from angles previously thought impossible. Our innovative technology built into our aerial video platforms provides several advantages over traditional aircraft.

Please take a few minutes to view our videos showing a variety of applications that you can use with our aerial video services.

333 Exemption No. 11271
Part 107 Certification
Monterey Drone inc. has been granted an exemption (No.99) from the FAA:
Monterey Drone inc. has registered UAS aircraft / FAA compliant registration
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)