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High resolution aerial mapping

Monterey Drone can produce high definition aerial mapping acquired through the use of sophisticated drone based cameras. We provide services to a variety of industries requiring unique aerial imagery such as precision agriculture, surveying, architects, golf courses, wineries, real estate companies and resorts.

In addition, we can collect high impact data and imagery with our professional grade drones using cutting edge technologies to capture actionable data. Our clients utilize the data and video for analytical as well as promotional purposes.

  • Construction
  • Insurance- property damage, natural disaster, fire inspections
  • Inspections- property, agriculture, construction
  • Solar panel inspections

333 Exemption No. 11271
Part 107 Certification
Monterey Drone inc. has been granted an exemption (No.99) from the FAA:
Monterey Drone inc. has registered UAS aircraft / FAA compliant registration
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)