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Agricultural Intelligence Made Easy - Crop Health Analysis - NDVI

NDVI Feild Health Analysis and Inspections


Monterey Drone is the agricultural intelligence company that provides fully supported, user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture. Within a day’s time, it’s possible to identify areas that require attention and take appropriate action.

We combine the most current mapping software with the most accurate imaging technologies using custom cameras and filters to create a low-cost aerial camera platform designed specifically for a farmer’s needs.

Our team can work with you and your crop to create a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI images. These images will indicate the relative stress levels of vegetation throughout your field.

The use of our NDVI drone technology can provide you with three, valuable, different views.


  1. 1. Seeing a crop from an aerial view can reveal patterns that expose everything from irrigation problems to soil variation and even pest and fungal infestations that aren’t apparent at eye level.

  2. 2. Airborne cameras can take multispectral images, capturing data from the infrared spectrum, which can be combined to create a view of the crop that highlights differences between healthy and stressed crops in a way that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

  3. 3. A drone can survey a crop every month, every week, or even every day. Combined to create a time-series animation, these images can show changes in the crop, revealing trouble areas or opportunities for better crop management.

  • Crop stress levels
  • Easy to understand maps
  • Quick response
  • Usable data from year to year
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